Reconstructing Faces

Reconstructing Faces

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At the outbreak of the second World War there were four full-time plastic surgeons in the UK: Gillies, Kilner, McIndoe and Mowlem, known universally as the‘Big Four’. Two had been born in Dunedin(Harold Gillies and Archibald McIndoe) and two (McIndoe and Rainsford Mowlem) had studied medicine at the University of Otago; by any measure an impressive record for one of the more remote outposts of the British Empire. The story of Gillies and McIndoe is familiar to many. Less well known are the contributions of Mowlem and Henry Pickerill, foundation dean of the University of Otago Dental School, and the way all their lives were shaped by a small nineteenth-century Scottish settlement at the bottom of New Zealand. Gillies, McIndoe and Pickerill have all been subjects of biographies. However, the Gillies and McIndoe books were written over 50 years ago and cover their whole lives, working and personal. The aim of the present volume is to focus on, and more importantly illustrate, what they actually did to revolutionise the surgical treatment of facial injuries. What were the reconstructive problems faced by maxillofacial surgeons in the two world wars and how were they solved? These men did not work alone. They were the most visible representatives of a vast surgical enterprise with a supporting cast of thousands that included surgeons, dentists, anaesthetists, artists and photographers, not to mention the nursing and orderly staff, many of whom went on to distinguished careers in their own right. Who were these people, what was their background, and what happened to them? This book is a must for anyone interested in the history of medicine and the treatment of casualties in the First and Second World Wars. It is published with a DVD of Rainsford Mowlem performing a variety of plastic operations in 1945.


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